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How often should I mow my lawn?

A1: The frequency of lawn mowing depends on several factors like grass type, season, and desired lawn height. Typically, during the growing season, mowing every 1-2 weeks is recommended. In hot weather, you may need to mow less frequently, while in cooler seasons, you can mow less often.

What's the benefit of lawn aeration and overseeding?

Aeration allows air, water, and nutrients to penetrate the soil, promoting healthier root growth and overall lawn health. Overseeding introduces new grass seed to thicken your lawn, improving its appearance and resilience. Together, they rejuvenate your lawn, making it more resistant to weeds and disease.

How can I ensure an eco-friendly lawn care service?

To ensure eco-friendly lawn care, ask your provider about their practices. Look for companies that use organic or low-impact fertilizers, minimize pesticide usage, and promote sustainable lawn care practices. Regular soil testing and custom treatment plans can also reduce the need for excessive chemicals while maintaining a vibrant lawn.